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Originally hailing from rural Southwestern Pennsylvania, Josey has had a lifelong attraction to performance. However, she began her audience-wowing career on horseback rather than a traditional stage. Barrel Racing and other Equestrian pursuits defined her early life, and informed her growth as a person and artist. It was almost prophetic that she would make up songs about her ponies as a young girl, and perform them in the back of the horse trailer for her imaginary audience.


She also grew up with a love of music, learning to play various instruments and taking vocal lessons. This culminated in her first formal theatrical experience as Adelaide in Guys and Dolls during her senior year of high school. From there, she was sold.


She performed in a number of groups and capacities throughout college, honing her talent and artistic senses in the time-honored tradition of trial and error. After graduating from Seton Hill University with a BA in Music, Josey struck out for her first (of many) professional acting contracts in Lancaster, PA. From there, she was lucky enough to book work on tours and with theaters across the nation until she landed in New York City.

After weathering the pandemic in NYC, and signing with FireStarter Entertainment, Josey has temporarily relocated to Morgantown, WV where she is currently pursuing her MFA in Acting at West Virginia University.  As part of her assistantship at WVU, Josey has been working as the Assistant to the Artistic Director at West Virginia Public Theatre and growing on the other side of the audition table as well. She still loves horses, but she has found that she loves bringing joy through art and performance even more.

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